Medical Research & Aesthetics

Patent Certificate

Dr. Han Chen is devoted to R & D of high-tech intelligence, beauty education system and patented beauty products. She invented a patent called ‘A formula for treating leukemia’ in 2020.

Canadian Holistic TCM & Western Medicine Research Foundation

In 2019, Dr. Han Chen established the “Canadian Holistic TCM & Western Medicine Research Foundation”, with a view to uniting all scholars around the world who inherit and develop Chinese medicine culture, and provide convenience and support for their work and research and development.

Clinical Cooperation and Development

The student clinic provides student internship; under the supervision of the instructors, students provide services including beauty treatments, manicure, pedicure, makeup, etc. We also cooperate with other clinical centers in terms of practicum and research.

Cosmetology Association Western Canada Events Committe

Dr. Han Chen serves as the chair of the Cosmetology Association Western Canada Events Committe, aiming to promote the economy of beauty enterprises, help them find good employees and train employees, help students find good employers, and promote the social employment.