Company Introduction

GoldenLine International Media Inc., headquartered in Vancouver, was established under the Corporation Act of BC Province in 2005. It is an innovative high tech company whose business scope covers different fields. East West College aims to cultivate a new generation of high tech professionals; Media & Film Production Company implements many high tech methods; Laboratory & Research Centre is responsible for high tech patented products, including high tech patented quantum medicine, high tech patented medical beauty products, high tech patented nutrition products, high tech patented quantum therapy, high tech patented intelligent medicine, and high-tech patented alternative therapy for critical patients; the foundation has an online shopping mall using high tech intelligent ecological chain, and the income is donated to BC Cancer Hospital and Integrated Traditional Chineses and Western Medicine Research Foundation; the charity, in cooperation with BC Cancer Hospital, provides patients with clinical medicine developed the research centre.

GoldenLine International Media Foundation

GoldenLine International Media Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that aims at promoting the influences of Chinese traditional culture, as well as amalgamation of Sino-western culture. We provide high quality vocational education and social services for clients in the Chinese Traditional Medicine, beauty, health care, digital media design, as well as film making industries around the world. GoldenLine is also enthusiastic about public welfare by supporting charities. We serve as a trusted advisor, intermediary and implementing partner across the private, and public sectors helping to elevate the people’s ideologically ethical and scientifically educationals, as well as promote economic and drive employment. We’re experts in the areas of beauty, medical, scientific research, art, film, music and education industries. Recently, we are particularly active in Western Canada and Asia.

East West College

East West College, owned by GoldenLine International Media Inc., is a private school certified by PTIB . The college covers beauty, media, film, traditional Chinese medicine and other education programs. We set up the school to help students succeed in different professional fields. The college also devotes itself to charity work and promotes the exchange of art and culture.

Our target market covers people (students) from different classes and cultural backgrounds, whether they are Africans, whites, whites, Latinos, Indians and Asians. We are entering the beauty education industry with a business philosophy, enabling us to work with students at different learning stages in Vancouver and surrounding cities.

The college is committed to providing timely, accurate and appropriate information and support for future students. Our recruitment and recruitment activities are committed to providing fair advice, guidance and support to applicants so that they can make informed decisions about the school. East West College offers training courses for digital media art, professional beautician. More programs such as film makeup artist and traditional Chinese medicine teacher are also under preparation. Students are also welcome to practice in the college and grow together with the college.

Media & Film Production Company

The film and television advertising company is located in Robson Street, a bustling district of Vancouver where Hollywood has taken pictures for many times. Most of its employees come from famous art colleges in Vancouver and have won many awards.

What Is GoldenLine Group Real Estate Marketing Service?

We create 3D rendering/ 3D Modeling/ video/3D Animation.

Student Clinic

The student clinic provides student internship; under the supervision of the instructors, students provide services including beauty treatments, manicure, pedicure, makeup, etc.

Laboratory & Research Centre

Laboratory and Research Centre is responsible for patent projects and the research and development of traditional Chinese medicine, integrated Chinese and Western medicine, beauty and health care products. The centre also researches and produces own-brand medicine and nutrition products for global sales.


In the future, there are plans to set up chain medical beauty shops and chain TCM clinics, TCM catering, TCM health food, TCM flower path, postpartum care center, maternal and child care center, and health care center worldwide.

Online Shopping Mall

The EWC online shopping mall has a variety of different payment methods, selling own-brand beauty products. The online shopping mall utilizes high tech intelligent ecological chain, and the income is donated to BC Cancer Hospital and Integrated Traditional Chineses and Western Medicine Research Foundation.


The company actively participates in various commercial activities, beauty contests, concerts, fundraising for charity, cooperating with major charities and donating to BC Children’s Hospital and BC Cancer Hospital.