Acting Classes


This is an outline for an 8-class study unit. The emphasis will be on scene study and the different techniques that actors can use to create professional performances. Each class will be three hours long, and most will focus primarily upon scene study. For classes 7 & 8 the emphasis will be on creating a demo tape for the students to showcase their work.


Class 1

  • Introduction – each student introduces themselves and says what they want to get from the class
  • Describe the class, discuss acting styles, encourage students to choose scenes for themselves (Asian scenes)
  • Teach warm up
  • Break early
  • Hand out scenes
  • Have each 2-set of students read scene


Class 2

  • Warm up
  • Students act out scene
  • Work scene
  • Next set act out scene
  • Work scene
  • Discuss strategies for making a scene interesting, different acting styles
  • Break
  • Scene study until class end


Classes 3 – 6

  • Basically, repeat Class 2.


Classes 7 & 8

  • Warm up
  • Students will perform a scene or monologue for a demo tape that they can use to showcase their talent.